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Research and Development have always been the focus of Abimac's work: engineers, technicians, cooperators design and test more and more advanced solutions and new materials in order to guarantee top product reliability and quality conforming the environmental safety requirements.
Research and development aim at constantly improving quality in line with the progress of farming mechanization.

One of the main goals of Abimac 's includes customer's satisfaction.

The whole production process is finalized to obtaining an excellent product.
Accurate inspections and tests are carried out on the raw materials used to make sure they can stand mechanical and atmospheric stresses
Only if the answers to the high demand in terms of quality are positive production can start.

We at Abimac manufacture and assemble most components in our own plants in order to keep the production process under control at all times. The operators' high professional skill level is confirmed by employees who can boast years of experience and devotion to the company.

The greatest care is taken in assembling the various components, where craft and professional care make Abimac products unique. Details make a difference.

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